Client Success Stories

Angela Grover, Pattern for Health Nutritional Therapy


Chanuka Erdita, Life Coach

Crystal Henderson, Productivity, Sales and Performance Coach

Tess is kind, open to whatever comes up, no preconceived ideas, absolutely zero, not everybody has that. She had the right amount of pushing and empathy but no way drawn into the story. The result: I was more connected with myself. Awake. Alive.
~ Britta Hilse, Career Transition Coach, Germany

Tess is like the bend in the stream that guides the flow where it needs to go, helped me breakthrough, enjoy higher sense of freedom, move forward the upward spiral, and helped me be more illuminated, more enlightened, and free.
~ Devorah Harow, Beit Roga Center for Healthier Living, Israel

Tess is not only well experienced in her professional accounting field, but also she is warm, sensitive and has a deep understanding in people’s emotions, minds and energy healing. When I spoke with Tess, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and had a cold with lots of coughs.  She helped me realize how my body, mind and business were connected. As we talked, she guided me to be in touch with my deeper emotion and longings and also to helped me to have a thriving mindset. After talking with Tess, I felt more confident to take actions and move forward to my goal to help thousands of Japanese business owners to grow their businesses without worrying how people think about me. I love my business and life even more. Thanks so much!
~ Yoko Tajima, Business Coach

Larry Vander Schaaf

Pamela Woodruff, School of Lost Arts

Michelle White Hart



Jonathon Powers, Access Bars and KORE Practitioner


Jason White, Psychic and Coach

Angela McPherson, Angelart Holistic Living

Jakob Boge, Life Coach and Bodyworker

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