Soul Powered Leadership Training *FREE

Dear Soul Powered Leaders,

I believe we are called to be more, do more, share more, give more, be it all… but not from the place of fear and hijacked, programmed, human conditioning,

But from a place of deeper knowing and truth that you know deep, deep down is there, but maybe afraid to access alone for fear of the unknown, or fear of ego, fear of failure, or fear you might be disillusioned like I feared for the longest time.

Calling Out Soul Powered Leaders, Lightworkers and Changemakers who are called to fully step into Soul Powered Leadership.

Are you tired of old world of fear, limitation, separation, scarcity, blame, shame, judgment that –

1) veils and robs our deepest truth and highest nature?
2) lowers our immune system and keep us powerless and prone to burnout, depression and dis-ease? And that
3) perpetuates the divisiveness and separation happening now in our collective and personal human experiences which only prolongs and intensifies suffering?

YES? Then this yearlong SoulPowered Training is for YOU! 

My intention for this yearlong monthly Soul Powered Leadership Training is to activate, explore, experience and expand on what SoulPowered Leadership looks like:

  1. What will our new world look like if you fully stepped into Soul Powered Leadership?
  2. What could be possible when you discover, awaken and unleash your unique Soul expression and authentic leadership?
  3. What new realities could make manifest once you bring forth your unique and highest contribution that only you can bring?

Can you already feel the power of that? 

Can you already feel the impact of that? 

Can you already feel the trajectory of that? 

Can you feel the powerful Soul Shift not just in your personal life and the immediate community you already lead and serve, but SoulShifting the world a better place… the kind of world that your heart longs and aches for… a world that your Soul belongs to and is here to create.

By coming together this way, we anchor in and solidify a whole new world sourced from Soul Power (vs Fear Power).

Every month at Soul Powered Leadership Training classes, we will explore new topics that will:

  • Awaken and activate your deepest longing to fulfill your highest potential 
  •  Gain insight how to opt out and no longer be run by the old, hijacked, programmed world run and motivated by fear
  • Gain strength, momentum and confidence as you align and step more into a Soul Powered Leadership.
  • Be part of a community where you feel held, safe and empowered to discover and explore what Soul Powered Leadership looks like for you
  • Begin to see shifts in perspective and awareness as whole new reality unfolds and aligns with your highest nature and deep, sacred desires
  • Start attracting more people who are drawn to your authentic leadership
  • And more

I know. It’s an audacious goal. One I cannot do by myself. But with your energy and presence, as long as you know in your heart this is also true for you, then together, as ONE HEART, we can create the difference YOU AND I CAME HERE TO DO