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Why hire an Executive Coach?

Executive coaches are hired for a variety of reason but the overall focus is to to develop leadership and management skills, improve performance and meet and/or exceed target results. Executive coaches are also hired to correct behavioral problems at management level, and resolve interpersonal conflicts.

When you’re out in front blazing the trail alone, it is so easy to get preoccupied, disconnected and enslaved in busy demanding schedule and the competing demands on your time, energy and attention. Executive coaching can really support the growth and development needs of the executive which then impacts the entire organization, and the lives the organization impacts.

Why hire a SOUL POWERED Executive Coach?

Traditional executive coaching approaches can help you achieve and succeed but does not go deep enough to address the core source of fear, lack and separation  and the deep sense of void, the nagging feeling of defeat, brokenness, unfulfilled, loneliness, and not-enough-ness.

These are emotions no one admits to anyone, not even to one’s self, for fear of losing recognition and esteem as a powerful, effective and influential leader.

Soul Powered Executive Coaching heals and reconcile the inner conflicts between the mind and the heart, and the soul and the ego.

Soul Powered Executive Coaching is for high achievers who have created a lot of success in their in their leadership and professional roles, hold prestigious degrees and certifications, invested a ton of money in relationships, career advancement, personal growth and spiritual work.

Given the personal and leadership training you’ve done over the years, you have an intellectual understanding of your subconscious beliefs and self sabotage and looking to break out of those patterns once and for all.

You have done some inner work, maybe even therapy or energy healing to unleash your emotional intelligence, but you are looking for the next step to truly feel whole, congruent and integrated.

You are looking to put to rest the unease, confusion and doubt that continually feeds into burnout, depression and overwhelm.

You are looking to be fully self-expressed and free – awake, alive, audacious.

You want to fulfill what your Soul came here to do. All that you came here to be.

You want to be comfortable in your own skin and fully embody your Unique Soul expression, true nature, and highest contribution.


Soul Powered Executive Coaching is especially designed for leaders called to create a better world to assist and guide them in their awakening to full consciousness, and reconcile the separation within themselves, and re-member their wholeness and Soul Power.

There’s an inundation of information regarding conscious leadership, but none offers coaching in a way that achieves reconciliation, integration and embodiment at the level of Soul. 

As an accountant at heart, what I found is, we need to we need to reconcile and balance the ledgers of life, which I call the 4 pillars to wholeness, to reconcile at deep Soul level.

4 Pillars

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Soul Powered Executive Coaching is a dynamic 4-step process that reconciles and integrates all 4 pillars where we:

  • Rewire the brain and re-pattern victim and lack mentality
  • Release emotional blocks and heal unresolved trauma and source core wounding
  • Recondition physiological and automatic habitual patterns, and embody the Soul
  • Reignite and fully express True Self as Love Incarnate (in flesh), Divinity in Action

Without this deep integration and alignment between you and you, without healing deep unresolved issues and inner conflict that separates you from you, you’re forever trapped in this never-ending quest for truth, confidence and freedom, and constantly undermining your leadership, impact and legacy.

Soul powered freedom and leadership only happens as a result of an inner revolution, reconciliation and soul integration —one that is absolutely necessary to achieve long-term success, self actualization and soul fulfillment.

Ready to work with me?

Schedule a call with me to which coaching package will best support your calling to fully step into SoulPowered Leadership.

4 SoulPowered Coaching Programs to choose from:

Self Awareness/
Discovery Stage
Integration Stage
Embodiment Stage
Expansion Stage
Activate inner shift and awakening to power From Awakening to Remembrance From Remembrance to Embodied Mastery From Mastery to Divinity in Action
Awareness that there’s more to life Explore the possibilities of an extraordinary life Experience new ways of being and showing up Expand into fuller expansion of Soul Power
You feel like your soul is being crushed. Awareness there’s more to life. You cannot see yet, but you feel a deep calling to break free, nourish and grow. This is the unveiling of your hidden gifts and shadows. You begin seeing yourself with greater clarity but not without testing and pushing your Soul Power. This is the surrender stage where you shift out of painful past of living a false self to fully recognizing, embracing, and expressing your Soul Power. This is growth at level of self actualization where you live as embodied Soul Power and expand into fuller expression of what you came here to fulfill.
You become aware of missing pieces of the puzzle and this longing to return to wholeness. You will need courage, trust and faith to flick the soul light switch on. You develop greater confidence to explore what’s possible, discover what’s getting in the way, and really build the muscle to step up and go for your dreams. As you unlayer, deprogram and return to nature, you now show up in ways that reflect your higher expressions of your true nature, wholeness and hidden potentialities. You show up in more tangible ways to expand your Soul Power, no longer separate, cocreating for the highest good, as Divinity in Action manifesting in, through and as you.
Includes SoulPowered Leadership Profile Report Includes Activate Includes both Activate & Explore Includes Activate + Explore + Experience
Half Day 3 months 6 months 9 months

Feel free to book a 20 minute call with me to discuss what stage you’re in and if working together feels mutually right and beneficial.


  • Up to twelve months commitment
  • Sessions conducted via telephone or Zoom video conference
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Support and Accountability
  • Resources to expand upon, reinforce and anchor new insights, patterns and strategies to create a new aligned way of being.
  • Homework to keep the momentum moving forward
  • Highly Individualized Coaching tailor made specifically to meet your individual needs rather than a one-size-cookie-cutter approach.


  • We meet by telephone or video conference (Skype/Zoom) 
  • Each session is 30-45 minutes, weekly or biweekly
  • You will receive a “Welcome Packet” which includes information on how I work and worksheets you will fill out to let me know who you are and what you want to achieve from coaching with me.
  • You have unlimited access to me via email in between our sessions. You are free to share with me insights, breakthroughs, or challenges.
  • These sessions are completely private and confidential. I may use your story as an example with other clients but with complete anonymity.


I merge practicality and spirituality using a blend of  Strategic Intervention, NLP, Awakening Coaching, 20 years experience in Accounting and Reconciliation, my own awakening from a dark night of the soul, plus deep Intuition to affect permanent change and transformation in the most essential, strategic and practical method.

And because you can no longer deny your Soul.

Ready to explore working with me? Book a 20 minute call with me, or email me at