Dear Soul Powered Leaders and Changemakers


You are an amazing and extraordinary soul. You are successful and brilliant at what you do.

You love with all your heart. You give so much of yourself to everyone around you.

You are driven and ambitious. You have such big dreams and you tirelessly accomplish whatever you passionately put your heart and mind to.

You’re a fighter.  You are brave, headstrong and stubborn. You don’t back down easily.

You’re a highly accomplished leader and a fierce lover of humanity and the planet.

But you’ve hit a wall. It seems that no amount of self-help, therapy, yoga, praying or meditation seem to help. You feel stuck. Stopped. Frozen. Unable to move forward.

And your soul is restless.   It’s frustrating. Mind boggling. Sometimes, infuriating.  It is so unlike you to sabotage your own way.  So what is going on?


Driven and ambitious, I too woke up and realized that for 15 years as a single mom, and 30 years as an Accountant, I got so busy serving other people, that I totally failed to reconcile, balance and account for my own life. 

I kept pushing through, ignoring the signs, and did not realize I was burnt out and running on fumes. The more I tried, the more I spun my wheels which left me feeling more confused, drowning alone, and powerless. 


I was rigid, analytical, and stubborn, so that I had to get knocked out several times by cosmic 2x4s. When I finally was able to “shut up and listen”, I learned to reconcile and put my WHOLE SELF back together so I can guide you to heal without the unnecessary suffering.

The message I got was:

Your soul knows you are so much more than the tired and lost you’ve become. You simply got busy and had forgotten your SOUL POWER.


Tell me if this is any of this has been calling to you:

  • You want to bring more happiness into your life
  • You want to make a big change or improvement in life
  • You want to discover and express more of yourself
  • You want to grow and build your confidence
  • You feel like something is missing in your life
  • You want to accomplish a major goal
  • You are going through a significant life transition
  • You long for healthy and deeply fulfilling relationships
  • You want to reduce stress and be healthy
  • You want to find your sense of purpose
  • You want to live in integrity
  • You want to become more aware, present, and mindful
  • You want to actualize your highest potential
  • You want to fulfill what your SOUL came here to do
  • You KNOW you are here to make the world a better place
  • You deeply long for some sense of control, balance, inner peace, harmony, joy and fulfillment.

If that is you and:

  • You don’t know where to start or how to begin
  • You feel crazy asking for more ‘coz you’ve already got a “good” life
  • You are scared to change
  • You feel lost and uncertain
  • You are trapped in doubt and inaction
  • You feel alone and unsupported
  • You are afraid to make mistakes
  • You are afraid to let people down
  • You want confidence and certainty
  • You want clarity, guidance and direction
  • You want someone who makes you feel safe and understood
  • You want someone who can guide you to the other side of pain, confusion and discomfort
  • You are tired of the reverting back to cycle of self doubt and self-sabotage
  • You are sick and tired of resisting change and fighting yourself
  • You need someone who’s been through the wringer, and because of it is both gentle and fierce, deeply intuitive and empathetic, and without judgment, unconditionally accepts, honors, and sees you as WHOLE and SOUL POWERED.


Soul Powered Executive and Leadership Coaching is specifically designed for high achievers, over-givers, and over-doers like you who have already invested considerable amount of time, energy and money in self-help, personal growth, leadership development, spiritual work, and healing relationships with self and others.

You seemingly already have it all… and want to uplevel because there’s an undeniable longing for more  – more joy, greater peace, deeper connection, love, abundance, freedom and uninhibited self expression, and, most of all, INNER HARMONY, WHOLENESS and BALANCE.

Everyday, SoulPowered Leaders everywhere are being called to opt out of the old world of fear, scarcity, limitation, shame, blame, judgment, not-enoughness and unforgiveness.

You are called to leave behind the fear-powered world that:

1) veils and robs us of our deepest truth and highest nature,

2) lowers our immune system and keeps us powerless and prone to burnout, depression and illnesses, and

3) perpetuates the divisiveness and separation in our collective and personal human experiences which only prolongs unnecessary suffering and soul anguish.

If your soul is restlessly calling  you to take a stand as a powerful leader and fulfill what you came here to do, then I am here to guide you out of that restlessness, confusion, soul anguish and fatigue into fulfilling what you came on earth to do.

First, I invite you to check out the Leadership Classes Page where you can learn more about what SoulPowered Leadership is and how to register for the free monthly live online classes.

Second, I invite you to look over the Services Page where the SoulPowered Leadership Coaching programs are listed.

Third, whenever you’re ready to work with me, or have a question about my programs, simply book a 20 minute call with me.

I truly believe we are called to be more, do more, share more, give more, be it all… but not from the place of fear and hijacked, programmed, human conditioning, but from a place of remembrance, deeper experience, embodiment and expansion of our wholeness.

~ Tess

Go ahead and book a 20 minute call with me. Nothing delights me more than see people I work with come fully awake, alive, audacious.

I look forward to serving you.

As a previous accountant for nearly 30 years, Tess’ area of expertise is inner reconciliation, balance and soul integration. She helps accomplished executives, leaders and professionals on the path to greater leadership find inner stability, balance and peace of mind that lasts.

Known for her “no parts left behind” integrative approach to wholeness, her message is 1) you are not broken, and 2) you hold the power in your own heart to transmute the yearning for connection into power and enlightenment. This is a potent combination in today’s divisive and disconnected world.

Tess is a Certified Master Strategy Coach, Strategic Interventionist, Behavioral Assessment Coach, NLP practitioner, and an expert in Higher Self Awakening and Enlightenment . Her teaching focuses on the clear and fearless “middle way” of the heart.

Her mission: Lighten the load and light up Souls. One Awakening Heart at a time.