What is Awakening Coaching?

Why are you here?

Have you ever thought about that question?

Who are you?

You keep doing and doing and searching and searching yet whatever you are identifying with feels like a failure. You have worked so very hard yet you still feel like there’s a big chunk you are just not getting out of life — no matter how you try.

Has time, money, creativity and freedom eluded you – even though you’ve been very successful? Have you ever felt stuck, out of control, want to do more but unable to pinpoint exactly why and what is limiting or blocking you?

If you were like me, you probably wondered “what is wrong with me?” then try to convince yourself and others “I am fine” when deep down you feel like a fraud unable to enjoy success but never truly knowing why you’re miserable.

What are you looking for? What are you longing for? What do you really want?

Is it even possible to find true peace and happiness? OR… Is this all there is to it?

Your vision will become clear
Only when you look into your heart
Who looks outside, dreams
Who looks inside, awakens
~Carl Jung

I too struggled for direction and guidance and felt so misunderstood, alone, and unsupported. I always owned up to my responsibilities because I believe life is what we make it. However, when later jolted into a rude awakening, I came to a painful realization that a lot of my suffering was my own creation.

Now I know.

We have the power to permanently transform our lives, not by fixing, there is nothing to fix,nor by getting, but by aligning with our true nature. We do not transform into something new.We wake up and remember who we really are and have simply forgotten.

Body-Mind-Spirit alignment

What I did not know I was yearning for was to come in alignment, body, mind and spirit – to become whole.

Spiritual awakening is an ongoing process of becoming a WHOLE person.

“Spirit” comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning breath, or life force energy. Spirit is always within us, yearning, longing to be fully and authentically expressed through us, as us.

Having witnessed my own suffering due to the mind’s resistance to yield control over to spirit, I felt compelled to lay out a practical and pragmatic path to understanding consciousness evolution and spiritual awakening.

Although my approach is deeply intuitive and tends to be spiritual, awakening is not about religion or spiritual practice. This is a non-hierarchical relationship, based on openness and trust, where I ask you the right questions to bring forth your deeper truth and uniqueness.

It is a unique collaborative process that you and I will create together, tailor made to your individual needs, goals and process to enable you to connect to the deeper truth of your power and create a life that expresses your true spirit.

Why get coaching when there are already a ton of books on spirituality and personal development?  Done alone, you end up sabotaging yourself because of ego resistance.

Mind and emotion do not easily surrender to Spirit which is why coaching is not only necessary but a must if you truly want to set your spirit free. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and stuck in the trappings of the battle between the mind, emotion and spirit.

Life is a series of awakenings

Awakening is realizing you are not who you think you are. You are more powerful, radiant and brilliant than you have ever allowed yourself to be or imagine. And you are waking up.

There’s a part of you wanting to burst free from prison. You can no longer deny the ache for something more. You know you deserve a great life. You’re ready to shift. You’re ready to take action. Except doubt and fear gets in the way.

“Waking up to who I really am” can feel pretty scary.

Surrendering the will and the ego will be tough. But when student is ready, the teacher appears. I feel very strongly that I suffered through my own darkness and resistance so I can compassionately guide and support you in your awakening awakening.

Awakening coaching will help you dissolve anxiety, fears, blocks and resistance to enable you to unleash higher possibilities. You awaken the inner spark and power to create a life aligned to your joy and being, and one that delivers the excitement, fulfillment and meaning you’ve been longing for.

I will guide you to break through your deepest fears and limiting patterns that is holding you back from having the extraordinary life you deserve and desire.

I can help you more than just achieve your goals and successes.

I can help you create a truly magnificent life that echoes your heart’s deepest longings.

I can help you transform your life from pain and struggle to effortless and abundant living. I can help open your heart and mind to a new way of living, being and doing that fully expresses your Unique Self and tap into a consciousness of limitlessness, oneness and love.

Nothing brings me greater joy than see you fully come alive and live inspired and free.

I look forward to serving you.

Click here to schedule a no-obligation, heart-opening consultation to see if working with me is a right fit for you. You may also email your questions about awakening coaching to Tess@openheartmindcoaching.com


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