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True visionary leaders, lightworkers and change agents hire coaches to skyrocket their success.

If you are feeling called and want to move forward in life, yet you feel stuck, I feel your pain. I was in your shoes. It’s not fun to be held back. To feel trapped, hopeless and powerless while you watch yourself spiral out of control until you can’t recognize yourself any longer.

You deserve to become an unstoppable force for good as well as create the deeply fulfilling life, business and relationships you desire on your terms and by your own design.

4 Coaching Packages Available:

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One (1) 90-minute Breakthrough Session. You’re driven and have attained many successes and accomplishments in the past, but for some reason, no matter how you willfully try to change your current situation, nothing seems to work. You are just not getting the result you want, this breakthrough is for you. I can help you get to the root cause of the problem and help you eliminate the unconscious and invisible blocks holding you back in life, business and/or relationships. This breakthrough session is a life saver!  And for some of my clients who’ve been around the personal development block, a one time breakthrough session was all they needed.

We don’t see how and why we are getting in our own way until it’s too late. And that is frustrating. It drove me mad. I kept asking, “What is this invisible force and how and when did I become my own worst enemy?”


Four (4) Hour VIP Half Day Intensive. This Half Intensive can be experienced by itself or as a jump start to either the 90 day or 6 month coaching program. This is for you if you feel that despite all you know, all the training and courses you’ve done, you are still stuck on recurring money sabotage or self disempowering patterns and can’t seem to break out of it. Free yourself at last!  Let’s heal and release the core block and get you back in alignment, flow and much closer to your desired results.

This is for you if you are ready to once and for all look into emotional and mental blocks, unlayer the unresolved issues and reprogram non-supportive beliefs, pattern and conditioning . We will take the steps necessary to rewire subconscious patternings so you can finally be free and start living the kind of success and fulfillment you desire not just in your finances, but all areas of life.


Eight (8) 45 minute strategy sessions. Do you act all strong and can do it all on the outside, but on the inside you just want to crumble and give up? Do you wish there’s someone who can just listen to you and help you make sense of what is really going on inside your heart and head? Do you wish you can authentically show up to what’s calling you deep within without fearing rejection, criticism or abandoning someone? Do you wish you were more powerful in a way that doesn’t drain and exhaust you? Do you wish you didn’t have to prove yourself all day long? If you are serious about breaking free from what’s imprisoning you and be free to be who taking action that will create immediate and sustainable results to get you to the next level in life, business or relationships.

This 8-week package is for you if:

• You are spinning your wheels or feel like drowning,
• You sense something is off but can’t pinpoint what you’re doing wrong,
• You are stuck repeating same cycle of hurt and pain and can’t get yourself out of it.
• Your life, business or relationship is in danger of breaking down.

What’s included?

• Eight (8) – 45 minute breakthrough strategy coaching sessions via phone or Skype.
• Unlimited email support for 90 days.
• Worksheets, Homework, and additional video, audio or readings for resources.

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The constant pain, struggles and frustration are simply reminders calling you out to be who you are meant to be. It is time to break free of the box that is limiting you and stealing joy from you. It is time to heed the call and be on your path to freedom, awaking and enlightenment.


Eighteen (18) 45 minute strategy sessions. Longing for meaning and fulfillment in life? If you are ready for a life makeover and ready to transform your life and fully express and experience more passion, abundance and freedom then you absolutely must choose this longer term program. This 6 month program is designed to deeply transform your life and awaken all of who you are and who you are meant to be. You will get a targeted and strategic intuitive guidance that honors your deepest and truest self, as well as practical coaching that will help you align with your highest mission, vision and purpose!  This is my specialty. I was born to support you align your inner light and outer wealth and create a deeply meaningful and effortless life and a joyful reflection of your awakened self.
This package is for you if:

• You are secretly dying inside, tired of it all and ready for a change.
• You are restless and yearning for a more meaningful and passionate life.
• You’ve invested in therapy, personal development or energy/spiritual healing, but results have been short-lived, unsustainable and a struggle to maintain.
• You are called to step and follow your calling but are held back by doubts and fears.
• You started your service business, and despite your many training, you find yourself at a standpoint. Stuck. Not moving forward.

What’s included?

• Eighteen (18) – 45 minute awakening coaching sessions via phone or Skype.
• Unlimited email support for 6 months.
• Worksheets, Homework, and additional video, audio or readings for resources.
• A complimentary copy of the YOUR MONEY MIRACLE GUIDE: 10 Steps to Create Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life.

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