Belonging And Becoming WHOLE Again

Are you feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, frustrated, feeling like a fraud, feel like you’re living a lie, you look good on the outside, but inside, there’s still something missing or not right?

Are you waking up to “Who am I? Why am I here? Is this all there is to it?” kind of questions? All of a sudden you find yourself lost, confused, frustrated and no longer able to tolerate business as usual in your life, business and relationships because you just feel drained and exhausted?

Are you getting a sense that you’re working so hard like a hamster spinning nonstop in a  wheel, chasing money and happiness, but you’re not really going anywhere fast and nothing you do ever feels right?

Or, are you feeling fed up because even after years in therapy, personal development, energy healing and spiritual growth, you still feel disjointed, fragmented, and scattered and you are just tired of being tired of feeling so anguished, conflicted, or angry inside?

Then it’s no accident that you are here visiting my site.

I, too, woke up and realized that for 15 years as a single mom, and 30 years as an Accountant, I got so busy doing accounting for other people, that I failed to do an accounting of my own life. I had a rather rude awakening, a roller coaster journey I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

That awakening led me to become whole again.










Open Heart Mind Coaching is a personal accounting for the soul where together, we audit, sort and reconcile what is out of balance in your inner life, bring to light deep patterns that throws you out of integrity with your soul and life purpose, and smash through invisible glass ceilings that hold you back from financial success and prosperity.

Customized to your needs, Open Heart Mind Coaching offers a 4-step process to guide you back to wholeness and alignment.

  • Reclaim Your Mind
  • Restore Emotional Freedom
  • Release Your Unique Soul Expression
  • Reset Your Physiology

All 4 steps are happening simultaneously in each session and designed to help you master your psychology, emotions and authentic self expression. It is gentle and effective, with no downtown, because it is a co-creative partnership between you and me, adjusted to meet your unique needs, style and preference.


Through working with me, you will be able to:

  • End self sabotage and heal unresolved trauma affecting your well-being, relationships and finances without long-term therapy or counseling
  • Get crystal clear on your values, purpose, mission and vision and powerfully take charge of your life
  • Deeply connect and enjoy meaningful and loving relationships, including money, starting with yourself
  • Experience inner peace, love, joy, abundance, fulfillment and harmony
  • Fully express and embody your Soul’s truth and higher purpose
  • Have the success, growth and fulfillment you want in your business, career and finances.

If this speaks to you, and you are interested in working with me, then take action now. 

Apply for a Complimentary 45 minute RECONNECT BACK TO YOU Breakthrough Coaching.

I look forward to serving you.



Tess Vergara awakens hearts worldwide through her unique coaching programs and teachings.  Her story of overcoming spiritual depression, neediness and self-abandonment to becoming the powerful healer and teacher she is today is an inspiration to many all over the world.

Known for her “no parts left behind” integrative approach to wholeness,  she shows men and women that 1) they are not broken, and 2) they hold the power in their own heart to transmute the yearning for connection into power and enlightenment – a potent combination in today’s disconnected world.

Author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart”, a master life coach, Strategic Interventionist, NLP practitioner, and an expert in higher self awakening and enlightenment, her teaching focuses on the clear and fearless “middle way” of the heart.