Aligning Inner Light and Outer Wealth

Yes, you can...

Have you recently experienced a wake-up call, a life-altering event, like a close call accident, or a devastating breakup or divorce, or a financial disaster that knocked the wind out of you and taking a while to heal from?

Or, maybe you’ve been waking up to questions like “Who am I? Why am I here? Is this all there is to it?

Or, maybe you are waking up to find yourself in a hamster wheel, spinning nonstop, chasing money and happiness, but going nowhere?

Are you perhaps getting a message that you are supposed to be somewhere else, to do something big, make an impact,  and it’s making you restless, and at the same time you feel stuck, frozen and unable to take action?

Then it’s no accident that you are here visiting my site.

I, too, woke up and found that for 15 years as a single mom and 30 years as an Accountant, I got so busy doing accounting for other people, that I failed to do an accounting of my own life. I had a rather rude awakening that led me to my soul purpose – to raise the vibration of the planet and assist in the global shift of consciousness now awakening all of humanity.

I now help my clients integrate Spirituality and Finances to address the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs that if not brought to light manifest as distress in one’s well-being,  finances, relationships and mental state.

Combining all my life experiences battling depression without resorting to prescription drugs or alcohol, raising my children singlehandedly, and financial expertise with my obsession in Consciousness Awakening, Human Needs Psychology, NLP, and a fun blend of Intuitive and Master Strategy Coaching, I can help you:

  • Understand and master your psychology
  • Manage and harmonize your emotions
  • Fully express your Authentic and Unique Self

So you can have the joy, peace and harmony you crave and long for and powerfully create the abundant and deeply rewarding life you love to live.

Through working with me, you will be able to:

  • End self sabotage and heal unresolved trauma affecting your well-being, relationships and finances without long-term therapy or counseling
  • Get crystal clear on your values, purpose, mission and vision and take charge of your life
  • Deeply connect and enjoy meaningful and loving relationships starting with yourself
  • Experience inner peace, love, joy, abundance, fulfillment and harmony 
  • Fully express and embody your Soul truth and purpose
  • Have the success and growth you want in your business, career and finances.  


Take action now. Take back your power now.

Apply for Aligning Inner and Outer Wealth Business Coaching Here.  


I look forward to serving you. 




Tess integrates almost 30 years experience in Finance and Accounting with her intuitive and masterful coaching to offer a unique, practical and strategic approach to wealth creation, emotional mastery and consciousness expansion.

She is a Certified Master Strategy Coach, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified General Accountant. She is also highly trained in Transformational Leadership and Higher Self Awakening.

Passionate about her mission to assist in humanity’s awakening and ascension,Tess specializes in working with purpose-driven coaches, practitioners and faith leaders who want to make a bigger impact in the world breakthrough what  holds them back from fully stepping into their highest calling while also thriving in a deeply fulfilling life, relationships and business.

She is the author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart”, her own journey into awakening from fear to love, lack to abundance, and separation to oneness.