Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve been doing “the work”

You’ve been doing lots of self love, reading and listening to a lot of self-help, you’re on this journey of personal development and spiritual growth, doing all the right things.

You are amazing at what you do, not only that, but you’re a fighter, you’ve overcome so much in life, you don’t fold, you don’t back down, you are freaking unstoppable.

Yet something is distinctly missing. You know all the answers but you don’t see you. You hesitate to fully own your power, to fully voice your truth, to fully show your authentic self to the world, because you don’t see yourself fully.

You know what to do but you don’t do it. So instead you do the same thing over and over, avoiding what is tugging at you, avoiding this thing. The big soul thing that says, “Hey, look at me, look at me, look at me.”  It’s your life’s work, your purpose in the world, calling.

But you won’t look at it. You dismiss it or hide out, thinking you are too busy, too tired, and have no time to deal with that insistent knocking in your heart, that tug, that yearning, that longing.

I relate.

Driven and ambitious, I too woke up and realized that for 15 years as a single mom, and 30 years as an Accountant, I got so busy serving other people, that I failed to live for my own life. I barely recognized myself. My soul was in deep anguish.

I was slowly dying inside. Like drowning. I felt so stuck and powerless. Lashing out in pain. I said to myself, “I can’t live like this”. And nobody understood me. I felt so alone.

I had a series of rude awakenings, a roller coaster journey of pain, confusion and frustration that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The cosmic 2×4 comes out.

Maybe you can relate to this.

I was rigid, analytical, and stubborn, so that I had to get knocked out by life many, many times, until I got the message. When I finally was able to “shut up and listen” I was shown how to be free. I learned to embody my soul’s purpose.  

What I was afraid of and hiding from, I finally faced and handled. On the other side of it was the happiness, peace and freedom I was always searching for.

I’ve since dedicated to live the rest of my life in service to awakening, freedom and enlightenment, by reconnecting you to your true source of power and energy.

What does disconnection look like for you?

  • Your relationships are at best lukewarm and not at all fulfilling.
  • You are working so hard yet your finances are in disarray. 
  • You are highly functional but about to break, lose your mind, lose control.

So when you have a moment of silence, you feel it. That void.

There is an emptiness or pain living inside you that is eating you up, making you crazy. You can’t live like this anymore, you desperately need change. And you’re ready to change now. 

Coz who wants to feel empty?  You got busy and focused on helping others to feel good, or maybe even created chaos and drama in your life to distract you. Deep inside, you know you can’t run away any longer. 

You know there is something more you are here for. In fact, part of what is going on is that your SOUL knows what’s possible.  There is greatness for you that your soul is always leading you to, yet sadly, you may be missing it or even repelling it!

What is your SOUL hungry for?

The secret is in the connection

You may be feeling disconnected and out of alignment with your Self, your Significant Other, and your Soul/Spirit.

Yet when you get connected (or re-connected), life can get very sweet.

This is where you experience peace. You get relief from the nagging self doubt or painful thoughts that you have been running from.

You get to live in your purpose. (Because the pain of purposeless is a soul-killing one.)

You can see and have evidence that your life is significant, instead of the previously empty existence you have lived.

At the end of the day you will be proud, happy in your own skin, and most important, have no regrets.

This is what I want for you.

Inner Peace.  Harmony. Wholeness. 

Reconnected on a deep, authentic, soul level and sense of purpose that feeds and nourishes you.

You are ready to birth your soul right here, right now, to fully live embodied, connected, the life you came here to live.

Click here to apply for a soul connection session with me.  You and I will spend time on the phone where we will discover the top 3 place where you are are feeling disconnected. You’ll leave the call feeling inspired and have new strategies and ideas to create what you desire in your life.

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I look forward to serving you.



Tess Vergara awakens hearts worldwide through her unique coaching programs and teachings.  Her story of overcoming spiritual depression, neediness and self-abandonment to becoming the powerful healer and teacher she is today is an inspiration to many all over the world.

Known for her “no parts left behind” integrative approach to wholeness,  she shows men and women that 1) they are not broken, and 2) they hold the power in their own heart to transmute the yearning for connection into power and enlightenment – a potent combination in today’s disconnected world.

Author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart”, a master life coach, Strategic Interventionist, NLP practitioner, and an expert in higher self awakening and enlightenment, her teaching focuses on the clear and fearless “middle way” of the heart.