Discover Your Own Unique Path to Freedom, Awakening, and Enlightenment

Yes, you can...

Are you sick and tired of having to work hard, having to prove yourself, or doing the same thing over and over again, only to come back to this old familiar place of not having enough, feeling not good enough, or feeling separate and fragmented?

If you are feeling called to move forward in life, yet you feel stuck, I feel your pain. I was in your shoes. It’s not fun to be held back. To feel trapped, hopeless and powerless while you watch yourself spiral out of control until you can’t recognize yourself any longer.

It’s all unconscious. These are invisible patterns that run and ruin our life. I’ve been there and I understand how confusing and disempowering it is to not know and fully understand what you are up against and why you are going against your own self to your own detriment.

You are not alone and there is always a way out.

I work with clients around the globe who, just like you, feel trapped in this hamster wheel of constantly proving and improving yourself only to keep coming back to still not feeling enough…and then work even harder to hide and cover up the pain of not being yourself.

Using a unique and powerful blend of NLP, Strategic Intervention and Awakening Coaching, I
can help you:

  • Master your psychology
  • Manage your emotions
  • Expand your awareness
  • Unleash Your potential
  • Activate abundance
  • Be your Unique, Authentic, Awakened Self

As a result, you will be able to:

  • Stop playing small so you can be seen, heard and fully expressed
  • Dissolve stress, anxiety and procrastination and feel more alive and in charge of your life 
  • Heal old emotional wounds without long-term therapy or counseling
  • Be more open, confident, authentic, fearless, magnetic and unstoppable 
  • End self sabotage, become self-aware and congruent, and start living the life of your dreamsx
  • Re-ignite and fulfill your deepest yearning
  • Get crystal clear and connect with your message, purpose, mission and vision
  • Stop repelling money and enjoy wealth, abundance and prosperity
  • Deeply connect and enjoy meaningful and loving relationships
  • Experience inner peace, joy, fulfillment and harmony

It is your birthright to enjoy a deeply fulfilling life of love, joy, wealth, power and freedom.

The constant pain, struggles, and frustration are simply reminders calling you out to be who you are meant to be. It is time to break free of the box that is limiting you and stealing joy from you. It is time to heed the call and be on your path to freedom, awakening, and enlightenment.

You have a unique contribution only you can give to this world. And as long as you are hiding and not living your life as a full expression of who you really are, you are going to live life feeling incomplete, feeling like a fraud and unfulfilled.

Are you ready to be who you are meant to be? Don’t wait to get smacked by a cosmic 2×4 before you take action. I’d been there, and I don’t recommend it. There’s a better way to wake up, get unstuck and take back your power.

The best way to evaluate if Open Heart Mind Coaching is a right fit for you is to experience it.

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I look forward to serving you. 




Tess Vergara awakens hearts worldwide through her unique coaching programs, blogs and workshops. An awakening coach and strategic money interventionist, she shows men and women how the power of their heart can overcome anything and resolve a whole range of human challenges in a way that leads to greater joy, fulfillment and conscious evolution in life and business.

Tess integrates almost 30 years experience in Finance and Accounting with her intuitive and masterful coaching to offer a unique, practical and strategic approach to wealth creation, emotional mastery and consciousness expansion. She is the author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart”.